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Our houses


Our first house! It was a great challenge when we decided to carry out the first remodeling of our premises. A generous surface area, ample and bright spaces, altogether making our house the best place to live in.
The house is surrounded by flowers and an amazing beautiful view, in an extraordinary and quiet environment. The dreamed house we all want to live in. The spacious bathrooms and bedroom have a modern design and are wonderfully decorated.


Our second house, a highly functional project! A large unit developed entirely on one floor and located in a strategic area, just a 15-minute drive from the city center. When you arrive at this house in Malvín you can quickly recognize the same quality and management standards that feature Vilcabamba. We pay attention to every detail and offer spacious, bright indoor rooms and outdoor gardens that create really enjoyable moments.

Punta Gorda

The Third one! An story to point out: we had 4 residents at home, even before its official opening. If we had to define it, we are certain it is the perfect blend between the Malvín and Carrasco houses. The rooms look like ground floor apartments overlooking the garden. The great barbecue for social events and activities with family members that we wish so much to have at home. We hope to have many celebrations here!