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Welcome home!

We feel very close to our guests and family members. This is the heart of our working attitude in Vilcabamba. We focus on making our guests feel at home, being as close to them as possible and providing everything within our reach so that they can feel at ease.

Our professional management and experience, coupled with our customized and comprehensive proposal and high quality care service, ensure a comfortable and safe stay, as well as a better quality of life and well-being.

We also offer rehabilitation services for those who are undergoing post-operation processes or require neurological, motor or traumatological recovery.


Feel like in a 5 Star Hotel

Just think about having breakfast in the morning: at our houses, you may decide to enjoy breakfast in your room as well. We do not have tight schedules. In Vilcabamba, we give priority to our guests having a really good rest, thus tailoring their needs, tastes and routines. In our homes, the menu is prepared every week by our nutritionist who makes a nutritional assessment of each resident.

Every detail makes a difference. Like this wooden cabinet, with all clean, ironed and nicely scented linen.

Our gardens

A cluster of sensory stimuli is a hallmark of Vilcabamba's proposal. Outdoors in spring and summer are so enjoyable! The early morning sun, the singing of the birds, the colors of the sunset; just the fact of being there watching the incredible vegetation surrounding you ... Even during the cold months, you may profit from the view of our winter gardens or from our spacious living rooms, always enjoying sun and nature in all their splendor.


Decoration is not everything; comfort matters very much as well. Our furniture has been designed to make our guests feel comfortable, as they can walk around without finding obstacles. We care about social life without neglecting each resident's own privacy.

You may choose single or shared rooms, with Wi-Fi connection, air conditioning, Cable TV in all rooms and concierge services.

Stay connected at all times

No matter whether your family members are far or near, we offer technology and connectivity so you can stay in touch every day with them.

We have tablets in all the houses so you can see and talk with your family any time you wish to do so.


In Vilcabamba, we have a multidisciplinary team to monitor our residents closely. We can rely on our Geriatrician, Internist, Nutritionists, Nurses, specialized companions for the elderly, and upon request, we may organize optional services with physiotherapists and psychologists.

This is our qualified medical and professional team:

- Board of Directors: Leticia Dentone, MD / Javier Ojeda, MD / Santiago Piñeiro, MD / Julio Trostchansky, MD

- Executive Director: Javier Ojeda, MD

- Technical Director, Geriatrician, Internist: Marcela Quintana, MD

- Bachelor of Science in Nutrition: Melina Balatti

- General Manager: Heidi Ramos

- Physical Education Teacher: Silvia Ríos

- Psychologist, (cognitive and recreation training), Cecilia Baquet Massaferro Bachelor's degree in Psychology

- Psychologist, (cognitive and recreation training), Mariana González, Bachelor's degree in Psychology

- Geriatric Assistant: Rocío Silvera, Estefany Olivera y Marina Briosso

- Gerontologic facilitator: Rocío Silvera, Estefany Olivera y Marina Briosso

- Supervisor at Carrasco House: Rocío Silvera

- Supervisor at Malvín House: Stephanie Bastarrica

- Supervisor at Punta Gorda House: Estefany Olivera


Customer Testimonials

“From what we have perceived, it is a very nice environment, where one is always very kindly welcomed. The staff is very friendly, the house is very comfortable and the food seems very tasty. The truth is we are VERY HAPPY with the care provided. The activities seem very adequate and the staff very good. For us, as family members, it implies a peace of mind to know that our loved one is being treated with respect and affection. We realize they eat enough and well, that their health is taken care of, and they transmit so much love to them ... And I would say one of the best features is they keep smiling while they work!!”

Inés L.

“The professional staff and the stimulation activities provided to the residents are excellent ... They care and generate trust in the support they provide to family members too. "The human quality in dealing with residents is a plus.”

María Elena L.

“All services are good and human warmth is what stands out the most. The facilities are very good, however, the main advantage is the love and respect that residents receive. We are very satisfied with what Vilcabamba gives us. If I had to recommend it, I would do so, in fact I do.”

Fernanda B.