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About us

Why Vilcabamba?

This is certainly a frequently asked question. Firstly, because we love what we do.

Our houses are conceived as places where we would want our parents or grandparents to live.

Professional care, polite staff, responsibility and permanent medical advice.

Because we have created a place where each resident can bring their belongings, even furniture, with leisure activities and entertainment. Vilcabamba already has three houses. This is the Vilcabamba family: peace of mind for all of us.


At Vilcabamba we protect the security and health of our residents.

We provide professional care 24/7 and we have a surveillance system with monitoring and mobile response.
>We also have cameras and CCTV in the shared spaces for families’ peace of mind.

Our houses have been adapted to the needs of our residents. All of them have railings, fences, accessibility ramps and automatic features.

And to stand out even more, we have in each house external automatic defibrillators (AEDs). In the context of our Social Corporate Responsibility (SCR) measures, these are also available to the surrounding area.

Valle Vilcabamba has quality certifications in its three houses.

All our processes have been ISO 9001:2015-certified.

Our centers are also certified by the Ministry of Public Health.